Friday, January 21, 2005

South Korean Ship Sinks Off North Korea

A South Korean ship en-route from Russia to China has sunk off the east coast of North Korea. The ship, the 2,862 ton Pioneernaya, was transporting 4,150 tons of iron products from the port of Vladivostok, in north-east Russia to the port of Qingdao in eastern China. It sank 260 kilometers north-east North Korea's Goseong. Of the crew of eighteen, four survided while 14 are missing. A Russian ship passing by picked up the four survivors, two South Koreans, and two Vietnamese. South Korea has despatched rescue craft to the area to search for the missing crew members. The South Korean maritime police was given permission by Pyongyang to send a patrol boat and helicopter to enter North Korean territory for rescue work. The patrol boat Sambong arrived at the scene Thursday but was hampered in its search mission by high waves and snow.
The Pioneernaya
The Patrol Boat Sambong

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