Monday, February 28, 2005

South Korean and US Air Force Commanders Talks Held

General Paul V. Hester, commander of the U.S. Pacific Air Forces, arrived in South Korea for talks on bilateral military exchanges, the Air Force said last week. Gen. Hester met Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Lee Han-ho to discuss ways to facilitate bilateral military cooperation, such as the expansion of joint training, the Air Force said in a news release. Hester awarded Lee a U.S. military medal, Legion of Merit, for his contributions to the improvement of the combined forces' operational capability and promotion of understanding between troops of the two nations, it said. During his four-day trip, Hester is also scheduled to visit the 7th Air Force headquarters in Osan and the 51st Fighter Wing in Kunsan.
Gen. Paul V. Hester is Commander, Pacific Air Forces, and Air Component Commander for the Commander, U.S. Pacific Command, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. He has responsibility for Air Force activities spread over half the globe in a command that supports 55,500 Air Force people serving principally in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Japan and South Korea.

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