Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Two Sailors Missing As North Korean Ship Capsizes Off Turkey

Two sailors from the Syrian-Egyptian crew of a North Korean cargo ship went missing off Turkey's northern coast Tuesday when their vessel capsized in a snow storm, Turkish officials said. The nine other Crewmen were pulled alive from the sea by two Army Helicopters which were called to help the rescue operation after the bad weather prevented the local Coast Guard from acting, the Coast Guard headquarters in Ankara said. "The two Helicopters are continuing to search for two other Sailors who are understood to be missing," the statement said. The Adnan-1 began sending S.O.S. signals at around 1000 GMT after it leaned sideways about 30 nautical miles off the Black Sea port city of Sinop, local officials told Anatolia news agency. The Crew left the ship on a Life Boat. It included eight Syrians and three Egyptians, the undersecretariat for maritime affairs said. The vessel, ladden with iron and wood, was en route from the Russian port of Novorossiysk to Syria, according to Anatolia.

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