Saturday, March 19, 2005

5 Remanded In Connection With Tugboat Kidnapping

Five men have been remanded in connection with the abduction of the skipper and two crew members of Japanese-registered tugboat Idaten. The five – four Thai crewmen of a fishing boat spotted near the scene of the kidnapping and the boat captain, a Malaysian captain – were remanded at the Manjung magistrate’s court on Friday morning. They have been remanded for five days. On Monday, pirates in three fishing boats boarded the tugboat and kidnapped Idaten’s captain Nododuo Indue, 54, chief engineer Shunji Kuroda, 51, both Japanese, and third engineer Sadang Paliawan, 41, a Filipino. The incident happened 45.5 nautical miles west of Tanjung Hantu, Lumut.

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