Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bush Nominates Marine To Head Joint Chiefs

President George W. Bush has tapped a Brooklyn-born Marine General to be his next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Marine General Peter Pace, 59, is currently the Vice Chairman and has already helped shape the Pentagon's role in protecting the United States in the years since the September 11th attacks. Pace says he would be honored to become the next chairman. "This is an incredible moment for me; it is both exhilarating and humbling," said Pace. "It's exhilarating because I have the opportunity, if confirmed by the Senate, to continue to serve this great nation. It's humbling because I know the challenges are formidable, but I have great faith in our ability to meet those challenges." Pace is expected to be easily confirmed. He'll succeed Air Force General Richard Myers, who is due to retire in September after four years on the job. Pace would be the first Marine to be chairman.
General Peter Pace

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