Friday, May 27, 2005

68 Rescued As MV Praque Yard Sinks

Nigerian maritime services rescued 68 passengers aboard a Sao Tome vessel, which had engine problems in the Atlantic, off the coast of the West African country, said a spokesperson on Wednesday. The Sao Tome and Principe-flagged ship named MV Praque Yard had drifted for two days since Saturday before the National Maritime Authority (NMA) rescued it. Ment Nnomeh of NMA said: "On receiving a distress call from the captain on Monday, we despatched the search and rescue team to locate the vessel. "It was found at about 200 nautical miles, drifting because of engine problem." "The vessel with its 68 passengers was towed by another ship to the Brass oil terminal, near Port Harcourt." He said the passengers, who included women and children, had run short of food and water before they were rescued. Nnomeh said the vessel would not be allowed to sail until necessary repairs had been carried out, adding that the passengers were unhurt.

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