Friday, May 20, 2005

Mystery Of The Vanishing Ship, SOLVED!

A cargo ship which vanished last month after leaving Dubai Port heading for Iran was found by the UAE and Kuwait Interpol authorities in Kuwait. According to Lt-Col Abdulla Eissa Al Filasi, Director of Interpol at the Ministry of Interior, the ship, leased by a local businessman, was carrying electronic and electrical goods worth $2.5 million. It sailed off from Dubai Port for Iran on April 2 and was supposed to reach its destination but it vanished without any news about it till last week. The worried businessman reported the incident to the UAE Interpol. Lt-Gen. Shaikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interior, issued instructions for immediate action to solve the mystery of the ship. A team had been especially formed for the task. In a record time of 48 hours, the team managed to track the ship in Kuwait. According to investigation, the ship owner continued to manoeuvre during this period while talking to the businessman over the phone claiming that the vessel broke down, Lt-Col Filasi said. He said the ship owner in the meantime managed to make some changes in the ship. He headed for a port in Kuwait where he started to unload the vessel. But he could not unload some of the goods as that brand has an agent in Kuwait. Therefore he decided to store the goods thinking that he managed to get away with his crime. The UAE Interpol sent the businessman to the Kuwaiti port where he identified his goods. The culprit was then identified and arrested in cooperation with Kuwait Interpol authorities.

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