Monday, June 20, 2005

Coast Guard Brings In Four Stranded On Boat Hit By Lightning

Coast Guard Station Pascagoula responded to call for a stranded recreational boat with four persons aboard at 8:45 p.m. Friday. According to Coast Guard spokeswoman Stacey Pardini, the four individuals were rescued after their boat was struck by lightning during a storm. The boaters became stranded about 20 miles south of Petit Bois Island. Pardini said they lost all electricity in the boat, but were able to maneuver up to an anchored fishing vessel where they tied themselves in to wait for the Coast Guard. Coast Guard personnel responded to the call in their 47-foot rescue boat and towed the stranded vessel to shore. No details as to the condition of the passengers or their names were available.
The 47' motor lifeboat is designed as a first response rescue resource in high seas, surf & heavy weather environments. They are built to withstand the most severe conditions at sea, and are capable of effecting rescues at sea even under the most difficult circumstances. They are self-bailing, self-righting, almost unsinkable, and have a long cruising radius for their size. This boat is the replacement for the aging 44' MLB fleet. There are (presently) 40 operational, being added to monthly. The total (to be delivered over five years) will be about 200.

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