Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Pirates Of The Red Sea Failed Again

The pirates of the Red Sea once again tried and failed to attack an Italian ship.
Cielo di Milano
At 11.10 a.m. local time (13.10 p.m. Italian time) and 85 miles away from Somalia coasts the Italian ship "Cielo di Milano" (174 meters, 24000 tonnes, 24 people crew, ship-owner D'Amico) was attacked by 2 small pirate boats. The ship captain immediately sent "SOS" signals to the Italian port authorities that contacted harbour-master's offices of the friendly countries straight away. However, the "Cielo di Milano" captain used the ship's fire-fighting devices against pirate boats and seceded in preventing the pirates from getting any further. The trip continued its regular course. A similar attack occurred last July 20 in the Red Sea, at the distance of 125 miles from Somalia coasts when another trade ship "Jolly Marrone" was also unsuccessfully attacked by pirates.
Jolly Marrone

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