Saturday, September 17, 2005

Nine Missing From Capsized Ship

The Nekrasov
At least nine people were missing after a ship overturned on the Yenisei River in northern Siberia today, the Emergency Situations Ministry said. The Nekrasov, a cargo ship, overturned during its approach to the major trading port of Dudinka, a ministry spokesman said. "We are looking for between nine and 12 people," he said. "There were between 15 and 19 people on board the Nekrasov, which was transporting cargo and passengers. Seven people were rescued." The ship may have capsized due to its being overloaded, the spokesman said. The 33-tonne vessel was carrying 80 tonnes of cargo. Its owner, the Krasnoyarsk-based Farvater company, "was not licensed to carry passengers", the spokesman said. The Yenisei is a major trading artery for western Siberia. It opens onto the Kara Sea, from which ships sail to western Russia and Europe via the Barents Sea.

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