Monday, October 03, 2005

21 Die In Sinking Of Tourist Boat On Lake George

Twenty-one people were killed and dozens more injured when a small cruise ship capsized in an upstate New York lake Sunday afternoon.
Ethan Allan
The glass-enclosed Ethan Allan was carrying 49 passengers and crew on a Lake George senior citizens' cruise. The seniors were part of a tour group from Canada. The Warren County Sheriff, Larry Cleveland, said his office is investigating reports that the Ethan Allan capsized when a larger tour boat passed nearby and swamped it. The accident happened so fast that none of the Ethan Allan's elderly passengers was able to put on a life jacket in time. At least five of the injured were hospitalized. The owner of the cruiseline that operated the boat said the incident was a tragedy and "very unfortunate." Lake George is about 320 kilometers north of New York City.

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