Saturday, November 05, 2005

Stowaways Dead On Perth Australia Bound Ship

2 Moroccan stowaways have been found dead in the cargo hold of a ship heading for Perth four weeks after a desperate bid for a new life overseas.
Furness Karumba
The men had apparently suffocated and were found by the crew when they heard noises coming from the sealed hold full of fertiliser, Australian news reported. The noises were made by two other men, fellow stowaways who survived but are said to be in a distressed state. The crew on the bulk carrier Furness Karumba left the Moroccan port of Laayoure on October 7. It was about 1850 km from the West Australian coast, headed for the industrial port of Kwinana, 20 km south of Perth, Customs regional director Paul O'Connor told reporters. It is scheduled to arrive on November 14. Mr O'Connor said the cause of the men's death was not known and the state coroner is expected to be involved in the investigation. The crew have been instructed not to unload the cargo of rock phosphate as police were treating the ship as a crime scene. Mr O'Connor said the crew had alerted the authorities to the men's death.

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