Tuesday, December 27, 2005

7 Navy Men Deserted From Danyawadi Naval Base In Arakan

7 Navy personnel deserted from Danyawadi naval base at Kyauk Pru, second largest city of Arakan, on 23 December with a cache of arms and ammunitions, said a town man yesterday.
”The news spreads in our town now as the army authority issued public notice to three townships namely Kyauk Pru, Rambree and Manaung regarding desertion of Navy men from Danyawadi naval base at Kyauk Pru,” he said. According to the public notice, 7 navy men fled with 7 automatic rifles and large amount of ammunitions by a motor boat on 23 December and the local people are requested to cooperate with Burmese army to capture them immediately. Now several army personnel from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 20 and 34 have been stationed at every major road out of the Island of Rambree since the Navy men deserted from naval base. According to the sources from travel agencies, a number of police teams are checking every bus, vehicles at Akyab(Sittwe) - Rangoon highway one after another, suspecting the deserters may flee by wearing local dresses. The Navy men deserted from Danyawadi naval base at Kyauk Pru at 11:00 p.m. on 23 December but the reason is still unknown, said the people.

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