Monday, December 12, 2005

Frozen Body Found At Lake Michigan Shore Is That Of A Amateur Sailor

The frozen body recovered at the Lake Michigan shore just north of the McKinley Marina was identified as that of amateur Sailor Jeffrey D. Waldman, 56, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said.
Jeff Waldman is shown with the sailboat he built, the Dandelion. The 56-year-old sailor fell overboard into Lake Michigan
Waldman was lost Nov. 5 when he fell from his homemade sailboat in rough waves on its maiden voyage. A man walking his dog Friday discovered the body, which was recovered by the Milwaukee Fire Department. Waldman, 56, of Glendale, disappeared in the lake after falling as he tried to untangle some rigging on the 50-foot sailboat he had built over about the past eight years. Rescue efforts had initially failed to find him.

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