Sunday, January 22, 2006

American Ice-Breaker To Conduct Training In Parry Sound

This Wednesday, the United States Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC) Bristol Bay will be arriving at the Parry Sound Coast Guard Base as part of a training exercise for ice-breaking expeditions. The United States and Canada share ice-breaking duties on the Great Lakes–Lakes Huron, Ontario, Erie, Superior, and Michigan–and along the St. Lawrence River, Detroit River and St. Clair River systems for the passage of commercial ships. The Parry Sound Coast Guard Base is on Big Sound bay on Waubeek Street.
USCGC Bristol Bay
The training exercise is being done now because Georgian Bay hasn’t frozen over yet, making it safer for those learning the waterway, Canadian Coast Guard Superintendent of Operations Regional Operations Sam Babisky said. A member of the Canadian Coast Guard will be on board the ship to act as a liaison between the two organizations and to supply general knowledge of local waterways. The USCGC Bristol Bay will also be stopping in Midland on January 24.

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