Thursday, January 05, 2006

Heroic Sailor Lucks Out Again

Mohamad Hamid, who made news last year when he foiled a hijack attempt of an oil tanker off the coast of Langkawi, has become the talk of his village again when he caught a giant toman (snakehead fish).
Mohamad (The Pirate Fighter) showing the snakehead fish he caught
The Sailor went fishing and caught the 6kg fish from Sungai Mulong near his home in Kampung Biak, Jalan Perol. “I had to use all my strength to reel in the fish,” he said. Locals believe such a fish should bring luck to the angler, especially since it is rare to hook a huge freshwater fish in the rivers of Kelantan. “This is a symbol of good fortune, and I hope it will bring luck to my family and me,” said the 28-year-old bachelor.
Mohamad Hamid with the Nepline Delima in the background
In June last year, pirates hijacked the Nepline Delima which was carrying RM12mil worth of diesel. Mohamad jumped into a speedboat to seek help from the marine police. The pirates later surrendered. Time magazine named Mohamad as one of 50 Asian heroes in an October issue on the Annual Celebration of the Courageous, the Gifted, the Inspired and the Inspiring. Mohamad is now working for Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd.

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