Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Navy Approves New Uniforms

The Navy will be changing uniforms in fall 2007 to a camouflage working uniform and a single-service uniform for E-6 and below. The uniforms are:
Navy working uniform
This is a predominantly blue digital-patterned camouflage uniform made of a permanent press cotton and nylon blend. Two pockets are above the upper chest and two more on the sleeves. Over the left breast pocket is an embroidered Navy insignia. It is worn with a blue cotton T-shirt, blue camouflage eight-point cap, black web belt, black leather boots or, for those not on ships, optional polish-free suede boots. The uniform is touted as “near maintenance free” in a Navy release.
Two Sailors pose aboard USS Constitution while wearing the blue digital patterned battle dress uniform concept. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Mullen approved plans for a single working uniform for all ranks, E-1 to O-10.
Service uniform
Comprised of a short-sleeve, wash-and-wear 75 percent polyester and 25 percent wool blend khaki shirt and black pants. Women’s shirts will be an untucked “over-blouse,” similar to those worn in the other services while men’s shirts will continue to be tucked. Shirts will have permanent military creases. Men will wear a belt with their trousers, while women will have the option of beltless pants. The uniform will be topped with a black unisex garrison cap. Silver anodized rank insignias will be worn on shirt collars and garrison caps.
Petty Officer 1st Class Erin Morgan models the khaki uniform that was selected to replace the Navy summer white and winter blue service uniforms for E-6 and below servicemembers.

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