Thursday, April 06, 2006

22 Chinese Nationals Sneak Into US Via Cargo Ship

Twenty one suspected illegal immigrants are now in federal custody after arriving in Seattle on a container ship. The stowaways from China were found at Terminal 18 on Harbor Island early Wednesday morning. Authorities said they appeared to be in good shape after seven to 10 very uncomfortable days at sea. Customs officials said they arrived Tuesday morning on a ship called the "Rotterdam.
The cargo ship Rotterdam sits at the Port of Seattle's Terminal 18, Twenty-two Chinese nationals were in custody after they let themselves out of a 40-foot cargo container.
"It's one 40-foot container that has on initial appearance had enough stuff to survive. It's got water bottles for hydration and facilities for bathroom needs and those kind of things," said Mike Milne with US Customs. A security worker at Gate 4 saw the group trying to exit the terminal and stopped them. Customs officials have detained four women and 17 men. The stowaways will be interviewed by federal officials who will decide if they will stay or be sent back.

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