Saturday, April 22, 2006

Man Found At Sea Claims UK Ship Threw Him Overboard

A man found floating on a raft in international waters between Norway and Denmark yesterday said that he had been thrown overboard a British ship, Norwegian rescue officials said. A Norwegian gas tanker, the Berge Odin, spotted and rescued the man who was drifting in the North Sea on a makeshift raft of barrels and planks. “He had hardly any clothes on him and was frozen through and through,” Anders Bang-Andersen, spokesman for the southern Norwegian rescue centre in Sola, said.
Berge Odin
The man spoke English and claimed to be from California, the rescue centre said. Neither his identity nor his nationality have been confirmed. “He says he was drifting on the raft for two or three days,” Per Erik Bjoerklund of the Bergesen company which owns the Berge Odin said. The man did not identify the British ship from which he said he had been thrown into the sea.

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