Monday, May 22, 2006

Cargo Ship Rescues Stranded Yachtie

A lone yachtsman rescued last night off Fraser Island, in south-east Queensland, is resting on board a cargo ship. The yachtsman sent a mayday when his 10-metre sailing boat Sea Fury got into trouble off Indian Head about 7:00pm AEST last night. The Captain of the bulk carrier Pacific Freedom says he responded to a distress flare and saw the man standing on the hull of his upturned yacht. The Captain says he was taken on board the Pacific Freedom and he is now sleeping while the ship continues on to Gladstone. The Captain says the man is in good condition apart from a few scratches on his hands and legs, but his boat and possessions could not be saved. The Pacific Freedom's Captain says the yachtsman will be checked by a doctor on arrival in Gladstone,. later today.
Pacific Freedom

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