Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cruise Ship Refloated Off Bermuda

A cruise ship that was stuck on a sandbar off Bermuda was refloated at high tide Wednesday night about 10 hours after it ran aground, officials said. The roughly 34,000-ton Norwegian Crown cruise ship was freed from the sandbar at about 6:30 p.m., the Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line said in a statement. No one was injured when the ship ran aground Wednesday morning. Initial inspection of the cruise liner, which sailed from Philadelphia on Sunday, indicated that the vessel was not damaged when it hit the sandbar as a pilot ship navigated it to a dock, officials said.
The Norwegian Crown
A full damage assessment was being conducted by a team of divers Wednesday. The ship was expected to return to Philadelphia on June 11 as scheduled, the cruise line company said. The Norwegian Crown was carrying more than 1,100 passengers, who were ferried to shore shortly after the ship ran aground at about 9 a.m. Norwegian Cruise Line was working with local authorities to determine what caused the grounding.

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