Friday, June 30, 2006

Mistress Turns In Chinese Navy Official For Loose Morals

A top Chinese navy commander was dismissed and stripped of his seat in the national legislature Thursday after his mistress turned him in. The official Xinhua news agency said that Wang Shouye was a Vice Admiral in the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and a deputy in the National People's Congress. The agency said an unmarried young woman turned the 62-year-old in to authorities after saying she had been in an "improper relationship" with him for a long time.Following an investigation the army, in January of this year, ordered disciplinary measures against Wang for his "loose morals" and for abusing his powers by asking for and taking bribes. As a civil engineer Wang was in charge of camp construction before being named deputy commander of the navy in 2001. In his March 29 letter of resignation Wang said: "Because of my involvement in economic crimes, I had been stripped from the post of deputy navy commander and thus no longer (have) the qualification of being a deputy to NPC. Please take me off the position." Xinhua also reported that two other NPC deputies had their membership canceled because of illegal business operations, during the six-day meeting of the NPC.

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