Wednesday, June 21, 2006

U.S. Military Recruiting Statistics

The Department of Defense has announced its recruiting and retention statistics by the active and reserve components for the month of May. Active duty recruiting. All services exceeded their recruiting goals in April. The Navy’s recruiting goal was 2,622 and it enlisted 2,622 (100 percent). The Marine Corps’ goal was 1,899 and it recruited 1,991 (105 percent). The Air Force goal was 2,744 and it recruited 2,759 (100 percent). The Army's goal was 5,400 and it recruited 5,806 (108 percent).Active duty retention. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps continue to enjoy excellent reenlistment rates, meeting or exceeding all objectives. Active Army has reenlisted 52,190 Soldiers toward a YTD glidepath mission of 46,224. Reserve forces recruiting. Accession data includes: Recruiting + Active to Reserve Transitions + IRR to Unit Transfers. Five of six Reserve components met or exceeded their accession goals for May 2006.

* Army National Guard: Goal: 6,420 Recruited: 6,738 (105 percent)
* Army Reserves: Goal: 3,783 Recruited: 3,835 (101 percent)
* Air National Guard: Goal: 720 Recruited: 812 (113 percent)
* Air Force Reserves: Goal: 599 Recruited: 599 (100 percent)
* Navy Reserves: Goal: 1,052 Recruited: 955 (91 percent)
* Marine Corps Reserves: Goal: 1,008 Recruited: 1,010 (100 percent)

Reserve forces retention. Losses in all Reserve components are within acceptable limits. Enlisted attrition through April 2006 is generally lower than the same period reported last year and in the base year of FY 2000, with the exception of the USNR which is experiencing higher than normal attrition.

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