Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ship Carrying Over 700 Runs Aground

More than 700 passengers aboard a cruise ship were safely rescued after the vessel ran aground on an island between Surigao and Cebu. "The M/V Princess of the Universe of the Sulpicio Lines ran aground in Canigo Island," Lt. Commander Joseph Coyme of the Philippine Coast Guard said. Coyme said tugboats were on their way to tow the vessel carrying about 740 Manila-bound passengers from Davao."No one was hurt and tugboats will arrive around 11 a.m. to tow the ship," Coyme said. Reports said the accident happened while the ship was sailing between the provinces of Surigao and Cebu. "We will also investigate if the ship's captain is accountable for the accident. Maybe he made a faulty maneuver that caused the ship to be grounded," Coyme said.

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