Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kissing Sailor Thwarts Burglary

A South Florida retiree who claims to be the "kissing sailor" made famous in a 1945 Life magazine photo thwarted an apparent burglary attempt in his home, pinning down an intruder until police arrived. Carl Muscarello, 80, said he and his wife had left open the garage door after they returned home. Two strangers entered shortly afterward.
Kissing Sailor
Muscarello, a retired New York City detective, said he was in the bedroom when he heard his 67-year-old wife scream from the kitchen. Running to investigate, Muscarello said he saw a man swinging a golf club at his 36-year-old stepson. One of the intruders ran out the front door, but Muscarello managed to subdue the other. "I jumped on this man's back and put a chokehold on him. I was surprised I could do it," said Muscarello. "I had him pinned down to the concrete by the pool floor when the police got here. He said, 'Let me go - I'll give you plenty of money'."
Carl Muscarello
Additional details from Plantation police about the arrest were not available. Muscarello claims to be the tall, dark-haired sailor photographed kissing a nurse in Times Square during street celebrations of the Japanese surrender on Aug. 14, 1945. Several men have purported to be that sailor, but the woman Life identified in 1980 as the nurse has said she believes Muscarello is the one she smooched. "I often happen to be at a strange place at a strange time," Muscarello said.

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