Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Airmen DoS Rollback Initiated

In an effort to maintain a quality enlisted force and meet mandated end strength, the Air Force will accelerate the date of separation for certain Airmen, based on their years of service and re-enlistment eligibility or assignment availability codes. Under DOS Rollback, Airmen who will have fewer than 14 years of total active federal service as of March 15 or more than 20 years service as of March 31 will have to separate or retire if they have the following codes assigned as of Oct. 30. However, commanders may lift codes 2X, 4H and 4I to retain members on active duty.

2X -- Denied re-enlistment
3D -- Declined permanent change of station retainability (commanders may not change)
3E -- Declined training (commanders may not change)
4H -- Serving suspended punishment pursuant to Article 15
4I -- Serving on a control roster
AAC09 -- Airman declined to extend/re-enlist for retainability for PCS/temporary duty (commanders may not change)
AAC10 -- Denied re-enlistment
Airmen with these codes will be separated March 15 or retired April 1. Retirement-eligible Airmen will be afforded the opportunity to voluntarily retire via the online process through the virtual Military Personnel Flight. The requested retirement date must be no later than April 1. Airmen separated or retired under the DOS Rollback are authorized transition assistance. Those separated with more than six years total active federal service are eligible for one-half the amount of involuntary separation pay but must sign an Individual Ready Reserve Agreement.

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