Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Malfunctioned Cargo Ship Rescued

Yesterday afternoon after 18 days of drifting in the sea, the malfunctioned Panamanian cargo ship "Xinhe" safely arrived at the mouth of the Pearl River with the help of Nanhai Rescue Bureau. On September 22, the 125-metre long cargo ship "Xinhe" was loaded with 66 million tons of tapioca and left Thailand and headed to Guangdong.At about 300 sea miles off the south coast of Sanya, the steering gear malfunctioned and the crew was in great danger. The next day, Nanhai Rescue Bureau received the distress call and immediately sent out rescue ships. On September 27, amidst terrible weather conditions, a rescue boat finally reached the "Xinhe" ship. While being towed, the rescue boat found that "Xinhe" suffered major rudder blade and yaw problems. Members have been reported safe.

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