Monday, January 01, 2007

Burn Victim Evacuated From Russian Ship

At 0918 this morning Portland Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre was contacted by the Russian cargo vessel 'Sormovskiy 3049'. The vessel requested medical assistance for the second engineer who had suffered burns to his body on the previous day but now needed to be taken to hospital. Weymouth RNLI Lifeboat was launched with a doctor on board and proceeded to the vessel as she headed for the sheltered waters of Weymouth Bay.
Sormovskiy 3049
The doctor was transferred to the 'Sormovskiy 3049' and attended to the casualty. Both were then taken into Weymouth Harbour to be met by Wyke Coastguard Officers and an awaiting ambulance. The 33 year old crewman was said to have suffered third degree burns and was conveyed to Salisbury District Hospital who has a specialist burns unit. The man is now in a stable condition. Maddy Davies, Portland Coastguard Watch Manager says: "We are pleased that we were able to assist the Russian crewman and wish him a speedy recovery."

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