Sunday, January 07, 2007

Two Sailors Die Of Toxic Gas Poisoning

Two sailors, including one Russian, from a cargo ship died and eight were hospitalized with poisoning, apparently caused by a chemical reaction, off Ukraine's Black Sea coast, emergencies services said. The Odisk, registered in Sierra Leone, was carrying about 2,000 metric tons of ferromanganese silicon from Ukraine to Turkey, Ukraine's Emergency Situations Ministry said.
The Odisk
A chemical reaction is believed to have started after rainwater got in touch with the alloy, used in metallurgy, in the Ukrainian port of Kerch during shipment, which provoked a poisonous gas to appear and kill a Russian and a Ukrainian. The ship captain asked for help Friday. He said the crewmembers were poisoned by an unknown substance. Emergencies services said there was no danger to the population after the ship was anchored not far from the coast. An investigation is underway.

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