Friday, May 11, 2007

Australian Navy Ship In High Seas Rescue

An Australian warship on exercise in the South China Sea has helped rescue a badly-burned seaman after a blaze on a merchant ship. The Defence Department revealed the HMAS Adelaide responded to a distress call from the MV Padova after a fire in the merchant ship's auxiliary engine room seriously injured a crew member. The Adelaide headed to the rescue, and transferred a response team - including a medical sailor to the stricken vessel.
HMAS Adelaide (FFG 01)
A doctor from the Singaporean Navy Ship, RSS Vengeance, then joined the rescue operation to aid the critically ill sailor who had been badly burned. The victim was taken to the HMAS Adelaide and then picked up by a Singaporean Air Force helicopter which landed on the Adelaide’s flight deck. Australian naval personnel helped ensure the blaze on the merchant ship was extinguished.

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