Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boat-Car Firm To Set Up Shop In Michigan

The company eager to build a production amphibious car has set its sights on Michigan, which could bring 1,500 jobs to the Great Lakes State. Gibbs Technologies founder Alan Gibbs said today he intends to open a Metro Detroit office in the coming months to lead the development of the Aquada, an amphibious car that holds the water speed record for amphibious vehicles. The office would be led by Gibbs and include a small team to lure investors and hammer out deals to begin production of a number of amphibious vehicles.Gibbs Technologies is headquartered in Warwickshire, England. Gibbs and his partner, Neil Jenkins, have developed the amphibious vehicles for the past 10 years. Aside from the Aquada, amphibious products under development range from military vehicles to an all-terrain vehicle that also functions as a personal watercraft. The company is also considering Michigan as a venue for an assembly plant, Gibbs said. "Our plans for North America are ambitious, aggressive and achievable," he said. "We're exploring a variety of manufacturing, supplier and dealer-distribution options, as well as partnerships with potential investors and licensees for our technology."

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