Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cargo Ship Sinks Near Mangalore

Two sailors died and 12 others were injured when an Eritrean cargo ship, M.V. Denden, sank near Thanveerbavi beach near here on Saturday . The ship was carrying furnace slag to Dubai from Mangalore. Twenty-one crew members were safe while one was reported missing. The ship first reported trouble at 9.30 pm on Friday, when Captain Abraham Kwaw, from Ghana, sent a message to the Coast Guard, which was also received by the police and at the New Mangalore Port. But when the Coast Guard offered to help, he said the crew were able to sail after effecting repairs in the engine room.
The Eritrean cargo ship m.v. DenDen which ran aground and later capsized off Tanneerubavi near Mangalore.
Later, at 11.30 p.m., the Captain sent an SOS, and Additional Superintendent of Police B.S. Lokesh Kumar and the Coast Guard responded quickly. The Captain again refused help, saying he was hopeful of getting the ship going. But on Saturday morning, the ship was sighted drifting by fishermen,and at 6.45 a.m., it started tilting. This was when the crewsentanother SOS, but by then the ship was stuck in the sand just 300 m from the shore and was showing signs of capsizing. Attempts were made to airlift the crew but were abandoned due to bad weather. Coast Guard ship Annie Besant tried to approach the ship, but quit as it was too close to the shore.

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