Friday, August 31, 2007

Greenpeace Delinquents Arrested On Coal Ship

Three Greenpeace delinquents who boarded and chained themselves to a coal carrier in Lake Erie have been arrested. Greenpeace propagandist Shawn-Patrick Stensil said the Ontario Provincial Police made the arrests shortly after noon. The Algomarine was en route to Ontario's Nanticoke Generating Station -- which is located on the north shore of Lake Erie in Haldimand County, southeast of Simcoe -- and was carrying 30,000 tonnes of coal. The environmental terrorists, naively claims Nanticoke is Canada's largest source of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions and the province's biggest source of smog-causing pollution. "Greenpeace's goal today is to raise dirty energy as an election issue," Mr. Stensil said in a prepared statement. Ontarians vote in a provincial election on Oct. 10. "We are challenging Ontario's political leaders to commit to clean, modern energy solutions that can be deployed today to shut down Nanticoke by 2012," he said. The McGuinty government promised in the last election to phase out coal power stations by 2007. That deadline, however, has been extended to 2014.
The Algomarine
A smelly Greenpeace spokeswoman said earlier that the idiots had chained themselves to the Algomarine's boom and anchor chain. The ship's owner was also told a nitwit was chained to the ship's rudder, while Stensil said it was near the stern. "We've been told there's two (nincompoops) up top and one attached to the rudder, which is exceptionally dangerous," said Allister Paterson, president and chief executive officer of Seaway Marine Transport -- the Algomarine's owner. "Right now our primary concern is the safety of everyone on the ship." The Algomarine was due to deliver it's shipment at about 9 a.m. But around 8:20 a.m., Greenpeace saboteurs, who departed from the ship the Arctic Sunrise aboard four inflatable boats, began painting the hull of the Algomarine. According to the Greenpeace press release, the villains then boarded the ship -- which soon afterwards dropped anchor. Officials with the Canadian Coast Guard and Ontario Provincial Police had established a security perimeter around the coal carrier and the Greenpeace vessel.

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