Sunday, September 23, 2007

No Boobs In This Regatta

Two British yachting stars have had a bust-up over their boat’s name — Jackie Big Tits! World champions Steve Morrison and Ben Rhodes entered a regatta but were told by organisers the name had to go after a series of complaints. Steve said: “We’re gutted. We can’t just change the boat’s name — that’s what it’s called.“It’s the boat we won the world championship in and is very special to us. But the organisers won’t have it. They insisted we delete the name from our entry form.” Steve and Ben, who named the boat after a Kooks song, were this week nominated for the Olympics in the 49er two-man skiff category. The pair and Jackie Big Tits are even featured on the front page of the Team GB Olympics website.
Steve Morrison
Steve said: “We’ve always named our boats after songs and Jackie Big Tits is one by The Kooks we liked. We’ve also had a boat called Britney and another named Sally Cinnamon. It’s not the same if your boat just has a number, is it?” The Royal Yachting Association, which is organising the Skandia Sail For Gold Regatta in Plymouth, Devon, said youth sailors were due to take part. A spokesman said: “It was felt the tone wasn’t quite right with so many youngsters around.”

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