Monday, November 05, 2007

Coast Guard Suspends Search For Man In Boat Accident

The Coast Guard has suspended its search for a man, who was lost when the boat he and his brother were in starting taking on water and capsized. The search for Daniel Phallan, 29, was called off the Coast Guard said. "We used every available resource to try and find him," said Lt. Cmdr. Eric King, a search and rescue coordinator for the Coast Guard in Charleston. "Our only hope is that others can learn something from this situation so that it doesn't happen again." Rescuers were able to find William Phallan, 31, Saturday morning about 11 miles east of Winyah Bay. William Phallan was taken to the hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.The brothers had gone out in a 16-foot boat Friday evening, the Coast Guard said. The men used a cell phone to call for help when their boat began taking on water and became disabled four miles east of Murrells Inlet. Rescuers say the older brother stayed with the boat, which made it easier to find him. William Phallan said he and his brother were wearing life jackets when the boat flipped over and that he lost his brother in the high swells during the night. A combined total of 700 square miles were searched for a combined total of 35 hours for the missing men, the Coast Guard said. The Coast Guard recommends that all boaters have a VHF radio and signaling devices when on the water.

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