Friday, January 04, 2008

Bulgarian Cargo Ship Sinks In Rough Seas

A Bulgarian cargo ship carrying iron has sunk in the Kerch Strait, north of the Black Sea and at least four sailors on board have died, as East Europe is reeling under extreme winter conditions. The ship with 10 Bulgarians and a Ukrainian pilot sank in a storm that lashed the Kerch Strait, leaving the crew clinging onto life rafts, media reports said. Rescuers from Ukraine and Russia were searching for the other crew from the cargo ship Vanessa, which sunk on its way to Burgas in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian cargo ship Vanessa
Storms and heavy snow have severely disrupted transportation in Bulgaria and Romania, where 50-60 centimeters of snow formations blocked traffic. The transit system in the Romanian capital Bucharest is in chaos, as two airports were closed and train passengers were hit by long delays. Black Sea ports in Bulgaria and Romania have been closed to traffic. Flight schedules in Bulgaria's Sofia airport were cancelled. The snowfall also caused power failure in about 200 towns and villages in the country.

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