Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Live Export Ship Braves Seas Again After Pirate Attack

A live export ship, shot at by pirates on its way to Australia, has been repaired and is finally due to arrive in Broome early next week. About 2300 head of cattle were left stranded in Broome, after the Hereford Express ran into trouble last week. Livestock manager for Landmark, Andrew Stewart, says the extra cattle have been a major disruption to operations out of Broome.
Hereford Express
He says explaining to the Kimberley pastoralists the reason behind the delay has been tricky. "The most (common) response was 'you're joking?' That was pretty much the response from everyone I've spoken to," he says. "I tried to explain that these things happen a fair bit apparently, even though it's the first I've heard of pirate attacks."

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