Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crew Evacuated from Tall Ship

At just before 10.00 p.m. this evening Aberdeen and Humber Coastguard Stations were made aware of a call from a participant in the Tall Ships Race, 'Lotus', reporting another participant the 'Clyde Challenger', taking water and requesting immediate assistance with 13 people on board. Rescue Helicopter 131 from RAF Boulmer was immediately scrambled. A helicopter from the Ekofisk Oil Field, Helibus 190 was also requested. The sailing vessel 'Loyal' (another competitor in the Tall Ships race) was in the area and Humber MRCC requested they proceed alongwith 'Containerships VII. The weather in the area was fair with a force 3 - 4 wind. The vessel 'Loyal' arrived alongside the 'Clyde Challenger' at approximately 22:40 and began to take personnel off.
Clyde Challenger
The Norwegian Coastguard Cutter 'Andenes' which is also the race control vessel, is also proceeding and has divers on board to assess the damage with a view to any repairs. At just afte 11.00 pm yesterday evening the skipper of the 'Clyde Challenger' reported that all the crew were safe and well on board the 'Loyal' with no injures. He reported that a pipe inlet to the exhaust had fractured resulting in the vessel taking water. The water is confined to the galley. Both of the rescue helicopters have been stood down. All other vessels have been released and proceeding on passage to their destination ports. At one stage there were 4 other Coastguard Stations working together to ensure the safety of the competitors involved.

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