Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rockland Sheriff's Boat Officers Get Keep Busy On The Hudson

The Rockland Sheriff's Office Maine unit had a busy couple of hours today on the Hudson River. First, the officers were called to a 156-foot-long cruise boat. A woman on board complained about shortage of breath. "There's no ambulance on the water, so we were the ambulance," Sgt. Dennis Stohl said. Stohl said they provided the woman with some medical attention and took her to the Haverstraw Marina. An ambulance corps crew then took her to Nyack Hospital.An hour later, at 2:12 p.m., the boat was among others searching the river for a kayaker. Police were informed a boater had been in distress. The kayaker flipped over just outside Stony Point in Orange County. Police boats were searching for the kayaker and the county helicopter was cruising the sky looking for him. The Continental Village Fire Department boat also searched. Stohl said the kayaker was located and had righted his craft and was again paddling through the currents. "The kayaker overturned and at first couldn't get upright," Stohl said. "He eventually uprighted. He pretty much did everything himself."

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