Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Zealand Sailor Rescued Off Norfolk Island

A sailor has been rescued after wreckage from his yacht was spotted in Norfolk Island waters, two weeks after he should have arrived back home. Rewi Kemp, aged in his 60s, was plucked from a rock on Nepean Island, an small uninhabited island off Norfolk Island, after being thrown overboard as the Moonshadow smashed against the rocks. Australian Federal Police on Norfolk Island were last night alerted to debris, including large pieces of yacht and a fastened life jacket, that had washed ashore. Norfolk Island Tourism spokesman Terry Watson said a search was launched after the debris was spotted in Cemetery, Emily and Slaughter Bays. "Working with Norfolk Island locals, a search was organised using a Norfolk Island Government launch," Mr Watson said. "After only 1.5 hours, the yachtsman was found safe and well sitting on a rock on Nepean Island."He was rescued by the launch and taken to Norfolk Island hospital where he was cleared of any serious injury. "It transpired that the yacht has been experiencing serious electrical problems and being so long overdue, the sailor had decided to visit Norfolk Island to let everyone know he was okay. "Sailing in the night before, without navigational aids, he didn't realise how close he was to Nepean Island and the boat hit rocks and Mr Kemp was thrown into the water where he quickly scrambled ashore and waited to be rescued." Mr Kemp was bound for New Zealand after leaving Fiji. He is now expected to fly to Auckland on Sunday.

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