Sunday, March 01, 2009

APS Nashville Begins Training In Ghana

Africa Partnership Station (APS) Nashville kicked off training courses Feb. 23 aboard USS Nashville (LPD 13) as the ship conducts its scheduled 18-day port visit. Nashville, the largest APS platform to date, welcomed more than 160 military trainees from Cape Verde, Ghana and Mozambique, along with 15 civilian students from maritime security and meteorological agencies. The training course will run until March 5 and include focal points of search and rescue, maritime law, small boat maintenance and intelligence procedures while in Ghana. "The classes offered here are tailored toward the specific needs and requests made by our hosts," said Lt. Olukemi Elebute, APS training officer. "They have identified key areas… to improve the overall level of effectiveness their navy and government agency in improving maritime safety and security."
USS Nashville (LPD 13)
APS is an international initiative under the auspices of Naval Forces Africa which aims to work cooperatively with U. S., European and African partners to enhance maritime safety and security on the African continent. APS provides a unique venue to align maritime engagements by utilizing an international team of expert trainers in a variety of military capacities and civilian fields such as fisheries management, port security and meteorology. Nashville arrived Feb. 20 in Sekondi, Ghana, the second African port of its five-month deployment in support of Africa Partnership Station.

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