Monday, July 06, 2009

Australian Sailors Competed For Sex With Female Colleagues

Australian sailors on board the navy’s largest ship, are said to have competed with each other in a “sex game” to bed their female colleagues for cash prizes, prompting the government to launch a probe. According to a news report on ‘Channel Seven’, sailors on board ‘HMAS Success’ put a cash value on each woman’s head, and sleeping with a female officer or a lesbian, or having sex in a strange place, as on top of a pool table, won more money. The sailors have detailed their sex contest in a book they called ‘The Ledger’, which came to light in May, when the vessel was in Singapore. The ship captain ordered the sailors involved immediately to return home after they were formally interviewed, the report said. The Australian navy has now launched a probe into the claims, with the country’s deputy PM calling for a full investigation into the affair so that women wouldn’t feel excluded from joining the military.
HMAS Success (AOR 304)
“Obviously this is a matter for our defence forces to deal with and to fully investigate. As a nation, we have been saying for a long period of time we want men and women to be able to join the army, the navy, the air force and to have good careers in it. “We don’t want to see anything that precludes women from having a good career in our armed forces if that’s what they choose to do with their lives,” deputy PM Julia Gillard told reporters. “In the first instance we need our defence hierarchy to get on with the job of investigating these claims and taking appropriate action,” Gillard said. The defence department said in a statement, “The individuals were removed from ship after an equity and diversity health check, which led to a formal inquiry being initiated.”

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