Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Requirements for ASVAB Retest

Marines retake the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test for numerous reasons, some of those reason will no longer be valid grounds for retesting. To help decrease unnecessary ASVAB testing, the Marine Corps has issued Marine Corps Order, 1230.5B, which states new stipulations for retesting. Currently, service members are allowed to retake the ASVAB at their own discretion. In most cases the individual retest simply to increase their score. This takes up allotted spaces for Marines who depend on the results to further their military careers, said Linda Hoffman, military test control officer, Camp Pendleton. Terms of the new order are already being enforced at Camp Pendleton’s Joint Education Center. Now, only those whose career or education is depending on a better test score are getting the help they need. The new guidelines for retaking the ASVAB state that no Marine will be allowed to retest without first obtaining written authorization from his or her command at the battalion or squadron level. The requests must be signed by the unit career retention specialist or any staff officer with authority from the commanding officer.
No ASVAB For You!
The request would only be signed for the following reasons; to meet the prerequisites for assignment to formal schools, special duty assignments, change of Military Occupational Specialty, basic requirement for reenlistment options, prerequisites for enlisted-to-officer programs or to replace lost test scores. A Marine that has already attained the basic ASVAB grade required for an assignment or program will not be allowed to retest. “We usually saw around 50 Marines a month wanting to take the ASVAB over again,” said Hoffman. “Since we have utilized the new order at the JEC, that number has decreased substantially.” Because of these changes, an appointment is now required for ASVAB testing. This is to help ensure that all necessary documents are provided to the education center before retaking the exam. “I am very confident that the new order will really benefit the Marines here at Pendleton,” said Hoffman. “Although the amount of tests we are administrating is low, we are getting help to those who need it most.”

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