Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Turkish Ship Adrift Off Nigeria After Attack

A Turkish commercial vessel attacked by pirates off the Nigerian coast is now drifting in the sea, waiting for Nigerian authorities to provide a security escort, the Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs said on Tuesday. The ship, Düden, was attacked on Sunday evening when it was anchored 16 miles (26 kilometers) off Nigeria's Port Harcourt, waiting to unload its cargo which consists of rice, a statement from the undersecretariat said. It had previously unloaded part of its cargo at the Port of Lagos.Two of the ship's 26 crew members, one Turkish and one Nigerian national, were slightly wounded in the attack. The statement said it was not clear when the ship would dock at Port Harcourt, the main oil industry hub in southern Nigeria, as it is currently waiting for Nigerian authorities to provide a security escort. The Turkish Embassy in Nigeria has already contacted the local authorities, who have promised to take care of the issue immediately.

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