Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Maneuver Center Insignia Announced

When the first Soldiers of the maneuver center don new shoulder insignia during the Maneuver Center of Excellence activation ceremony Oct. 1, it will be a revised version of the new patch introduced in February 2008. Fort Benning's Chief of Staff Col. Chuck Durr made the announcement earlier this week. The new octagonal design, approved by the Army Institute of Heraldry and the Army G-1, replaces the spear-shaped patch that was often perceived as an upside-down 'Follow Me' patch.An upside-down emblem in the military normally is a signal of distress or defeat, said retired Lt. Col. Selby Rollinson, deputy chief of staff for Fort Benning. The interior design remains the same with the lightning bolt and yellow depicting the Armor's speed, power and branch color. The bayonet and blue symbolize the Infantry's mission to close with and destroy the enemy and branch color. The red symbolizes valor and sacrifice. The MCOE shoulder insignia, motto and crest were designed from a compilation of suggestions submitted during a 2007 Army-wide design contest. A spokesman for AAFES said the new patch will be available in stores in about 90 days.

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