Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Russian Icebreaker Carrying 105 Tourists Stuck In The Antarctic

A Russian icebreaker is stuck fast in the middle of the Antarctic ice with 105 tourists and a documentary camera team on board. Most of the passengers on the 'Captain Khlebnikov' are British, and the film crew are from the BBC. The 121 metre-long vessel was built in 1980 and turned into a cruise ship several years ago - but it is now stuck between two ice plates near the Argentine research station Marambio.According to Argentinian newspaper ‘La Nacion’, the passengers and the ship are safe and not in danger. The leader of the Marine prefecture in Tierra del Fuego said: “This kind of situation is normal for an icebreaker, and does not call for emergency.” As soon as the wind changes, the ship can continue its journey. This could, however, take one to two more days.

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