Sunday, December 20, 2009

Coast Guard Towing Disabled Gloucester Boat

The Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba is continuing to tow the Gloucester-based lobster boat that was disabled with five people aboard more than 200 miles southeast of Nantucket, Mass. Ten to 15-foot seas and 38 mph winds are keeping the Escanaba's towing speed at about 4 mph. The crew of the Escanaba is working with the First District command center staff in Boston to determine the safest location to tow the Michael and Kristen to.
The master of the 77-foot lobster boat called for help when the boat's engines wouldn't start. The Rachel Leah, another fishing vessel in the area, answered the calls for help and began towing the Michael and Kristen. The Escanaba met both vessels and stayed with them through the night. The next morning the Rachel Leah's towline parted, so the Escanaba took over and the Rachel Leah departed.

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