Sunday, January 17, 2010

Turkish Navy Rescues Indian Ship From Somali Pirates

A Turkish frigate Saturday staved off an armed attack on an Indian commercial ship in the Gulf of Aden and captured six pirates, the Turkish army said here. The M/V Jal Layak came under machine gun fire as it was sailing 105 miles (195 kilometres) off shore through the warship-patrolled transit corridor that vessels are encouraged to use for safe passage, the army statement said.
TCG Gokova (F496)
Turkish frigate Gokova, a member of the NATO anti-piracy mission, foiled the attempt to hijack the ship in an operation also involving a helicopter and amphibian commandos. The six assailants were "rendered ineffective" and a search of their skiff resulted in the seizure of equipment used in piracy attacks, including a machine gun and knives. An international flotilla of warships has been patrolling the piracy-plagued Gulf of Aden, one of the globe's busiest maritime trade routes, since 2008.

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