Monday, February 22, 2010

60 Passengers Rescued From Sinking Boat

About 60 passengers on a boat, Gitanjali, going from Mumbai to Mora in Raigad had a miraculous escape on Sunday. Deputy commissioner of police (ports) Madhukar Kohe said, "This boat had taken passengers from Mumbai and was headed to Mora. Somewhere near Butcher Island, the vessel hit the wreckage of a ship which had capsized years ago, making a big hole in the boat. Water started gushing in, scaring the passengers. Most of them were picnickers."The boat crew informed the police control and the marine wing of the Mumbai police. "Soon after getting the call at 10.30 am, we diverted five of our patrol vessels to save the sinking boat. Our men instilled confidence in the boat's crew and passengers. Another passenger boat was organised and we shifted the passengers in them," said Kohe. Gitanjali was then taken for repairs. The DCP said that the Mumbai Port Trust should have removed the wreckage long ago, which is now posing danger to other vessels.

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