Friday, July 09, 2010

Second Body Spotted Near Duck Boat Crash Site

A second body has been spotted in the water near the site of a collision between an amphibious tour boat and a 250-foot barge in the Delaware River. As divers began preparations to haul the sunken boat from the water Friday morning, television cameras captured the image of a body floating face-down near the salvage site. The body surfaced briefly before submerging again. Hungarian officials said U.S. authorities had informed them that a body recovered earlier Friday belonged to a missing female tourist.Sixteen-year-old Dora Schwendtner was one of two people who disappeared following the collision. The other, 20-year-old Szabolcs Prem, has not been found. Thirty-five people on board were rescued before the tour boat sunk. Ride the Ducks, the Norcross-based tour company that operated the boat as well as a similar ride at Stone Mountain Park, has voluntarily suspended all operations nationwide .

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